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Welcome to ServerGM! We are a small game hosting company focused on providing a service which meets your needs. Short for Server GameMaster, our name is partially inspired by the grandfather of so many Role-Playing games available: Dungeons and Dragons. It is also inspired by the use of the term in Massive Multiplayer Online games, where the game master helps manage/moderate the game world. Here, we provide the service where we host your online world and give you the access you need to manage and customize your world as you see fit. Become the Game Master of your server.

Many game servers are the anchor to their own communities whom people can gather around and have fun, socialize, and build a group of similar minded individuals for all type of play. Competitive, laid-back, supportive, cooperative, constructive, even toxic ones (for those who are really into it). There are all sorts of different minded individuals who have different ideas and ideals when playing games online with others.

As we understand that there are different needs and desires in how the server owner will want to develop their community around different criteria, we want to try to facilitate that. We allow server modifications to customize your server experience. There is a fantastic other community out there which can be called the modding community, who are developing their own contributions to their respective game communities. Their contributions are often put forth because of their passion and wish to share with the community. Often this can inspire others to do the same. This sort of interaction is a wonderful thing as there are new things for the community to experience, often in ways that game developers may never have thought of. Server owners are able build unique experiences built from their own ideas and from their communities as well.

Communication is also another key for interactions between people in a community. It’s how we talk to one another, talk strategy, or otherwise shoot the breeze. Our voice servers are a popular way of doing this. Mumble is an option that is gaining popularity in the gaming community because of its open-source nature of being available for others to look at the source code and contribute back if they so wish. We provide a reasonably priced mumble service to help connect members of your community, clan, or guild.

We here at ServerGM would love to be a part of your community by being the hosting provider you can rely on.

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